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Guest Blogger Author Ro Leone on Her Children's Book Ella Phantasy and a Trunkful of Dreams


My guest blogger is first-time children's book author, Ro Leone. Her Ella Phantasy and a Trunkful of Dreams is a delightful read filled with glorious illustrations. The story follows the journey between Ella Phantasy and her BFF Ozzie Owl. 


 You can find it on Amazon in both ebook and print. You can follow Ro Leone on Facebook. If you prefer to hear the author's rendition, you can access it here on YouTube. Don't forget to tell her how much you enjoyed her book! 


* * * 


The story of my children's book came as a result of my own experiences as a child. But I'm sure it's a universal problem for many children.


I remember being about 11 years old, and I had the trifecta of issues that could plague a girl.


I was overweight, wore glasses and had braces. I was called four-eyes, fatty and I was compared to the front grille of a Buick because of my braces. They weren't clear braces like the Invisalign options that are available today, but ones made of stainless steel that wrapped around the entire tooth. You could barely see the tooth at all. So the comparison to the chrome front portion of a car was quite accurate. I don't think I smiled for about five years.


Kids can be cruel and I was shamed many times a day, courtesy of the many bullies in the classroom. I had some very good friends who cared for me for who I was, but I was too caught up in the jeers to recognize the cheers. This book draws upon my experiences with peer taunts that were endless. In my book, Ella, in her young elephant world, never feels like she's as good as her best friend Ozzie Owl knows she is. She has to learn it on her own when her own heroics in critical times reveal the character and worth she always had. Perhaps your child has been beset by teasing or taunting, even though you tell them time and again how special he or she is. This story helps them see with their own eyes, from the words and vivid illustrations what Ella goes through, how this can happen to anyone and that they need not be sad because all turns out well in the end.


If this story seems to resonate with you and what your child might be going through, I invite you to listen to me, the author, as I read the book on YouTube.

https://youtu.be/RyXiNJc-l1k And if you wish to have the book for your own, it is available on Amazon.


Ella Phantasy and a Trunkful of Dreams


By the way, I'm an old, but not mature, adult now, and I'm fairly well-adjusted.


Thank you for reading.


Ro Leone

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