Celebrity Interviews From My Previous "In Retrospect" Section on Blogsot

Some of my classic celebrity interviews are archived on my old Blogspot site, which I don't use anymore. I didn't have the site that long, so I didn't get a chance to load a lot of old stories on it like I had intended. But if you happen to be music fan of either The Beach Boys, Eric Burdon (and the Animals), The Monkees, Alice Cooper, Patti Smith and Alanis Morissette you may find it interesting how I handled interviewing these fabulous musicians. It's important to always be completely prepared when you are doing an interview with a celebrity, especially when your time is so limited.

So, since you asked, I will now be adding many more of my older celebrity interviews and features here in this "In Retrospect" Section. As always I appreciate your support! Hope you enjoy.

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