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The Essential Jim Carrey

Why did I write this book? I must be mad! The thought had entered my mind from time to time as I prepared these pages. After all, I scanned more than 25 movies, dozens of In Living Color Jim Carrey snippets and about 100 television appearances— all the while analyzing the how's and why's of Jim Carrey's consistent popularity. As anyone who has ever followed his amazing career knows, transforming his face on film is now a long standing Jim Carrey tradition.

I had the honor of speaking to Jim twice in my career, the last at the Disney's A Christmas Carol train tour which made its final stop at New York City's Grand Central Station. On the train with other members of the press, Jim promoted the film and tour which began back in Los Angeles and spanned more than 16,000 miles of track.

Always the funny man, Jim was all smiles as usual during the closing ceremonies, dancing and spewing confetti for the cameras. To promote the film, he briefly discussed the awesome techniques that were used in the production. "The soul of the character is all you need," he said. "It's an actor-driven media and an amazing process. The musicales in my faces are driving these dots. It's a fascinating process."

It's hard not to think about the other Christmas movie (How The Grinch Stole Christmas) Jim is famous for, playing yet another meanie. He joked, "They seem to drag me out at Christmas time. I'm a kind of snow plough."

So, in any case, the main purpose of the Essential Jim Carrey is to celebrate the life and career of this man—an enormous talent , who has inspired people, including myself, through laughter and instilled a sense of hope with his acting craft. Whether you are a new fan, or an old one, these pages will connect you with one of the most beloved actors of our generation and give you a greater appreciation of his true genius. It's my finest wish that Jim Carrey fans will read this book and be as inspired by him as I have been for so many years.