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About The Author

Pop Culture Enthusiast Writer

“For me, it’s really all about the music and the fans. I’ve always stayed positive when I write about musicians, I don’t bother with the scandals and that is how I’ve managed to get interviews with legends like Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Keith Richards, Patti Smith, Cher and Ringo Starr. A major part of my inspiration for writing comes from music. I just love the whole process of how these artists write and perform their songs.”

Mary Anne Cassata aka M.A. Cassata (macassata.com) has been living the “dream” for 25 years ever since she graduated high school in Rochester, NY a year and a half earlier than her peers because she was working full time. She was already writing entertainment articles for several newspapers and magazines in Upstate New York by age 15. “I got a job with a big record chain store called Record Theatre and started freelancing to even more local music publications. That’s when I started interviewing music artists like Elvis Costello, Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart), Harry Chapin, Billy Joel, Mike Love (The Beach Boys) and Prince that came to town for concerts.”

Since moving to New York City in 1981, Cassata has interviewed some of the biggest names in show business including Hollywood film and television stars like Jim Carrey who “always makes me laugh and has a very strong dedicated fan base including me”. Other stars include Ryan Gosling, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robin Williams, Michael Landon, Elizabeth Taylor and George Burns. Johnny Depp also stands out as one of her favorite interviews. “He is cool and such a brilliant actor. There's a star with a big heart.” She has been published in magazines such as Variety, Hollywood Reporter, USA Today, The New York Daily News, American Songwriter, People Weekly, Rolling Stone, Hit Parader, and others. She is currently the Editorial Director of Popstar! Magazine and as creator and owner of the popular entertainment sites TheMacWire.com and OnTheTeenBeat.com, Cassata is dominating social media.

In addition to years of “traditional” book publishing, M.A. has exuberantly embraced the new world of online book publishing having several e-books already in publication including Starman: A Tribite to Bowie,The Elton John Scrapbook: Revised Edition, and The Essential Cher, which are available on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple Books and many other popular e-book web stores. “I like writing celebrity tribute books, especially those on iconic entertainment figures. How many times do we have to read their life stories in a biographical format over and over again? It’s boring! I love the portability of e-books because you can take your favorite books everywhere you go! It’s great for fans who want quickie facts and stats on their favorite celebrity at any given time on their mobile devices.”

After publishing a book about Cher entitled The Cher Scrapbook (Citadel Press, 2002), Cassata received high praise for her work and Cher’s fans insisted she release a new one. She was inspired to write The Essential Cher, quickly realizing she had enough information for two more books. “I took all the best reader suggestions and added a few ideas of my own. There’s a lot of new material including more facts and stats as well as a new quiz, concert tour set lists and where to find the best Cher sites on the internet. The second book will include more in-depth sections on Cher that were not included in Essential Cher  as well as more Sonny & Cher related sections.” Cassata’s other e-books focus on megastars Ariana Grande and One Direction, all of which include ‘Fun Facts, Stats, Quizzes and Quotes’.

With The Elton John Scrapbook (Citadel, 2002), The Essential Jim Carrey (BearManor Media, 2010) and her book highlighting the phenomenon of The Monkees 20 year reunion entitled Hey We’re The Monkees (Signet, 1986), Cassata has a firm footing in the publishing world. She maintains her keen edge on the pulse of contemporary media and new artists on the verge of success.

Her passion for creating well researched, fan-driven literature is truly where her enthusiasm lies. “I write because I must. I have a passion for writing entertainment.” In this age of unreliable media, Cassata’s exuberance for bringing the authentic, researched information people want about their favorite celebrities is what sets her apart from the mainstream hustlers of gossip and rumors. “I want to write the best possible story. I think it is important to give hope to readers so I try to focus on celebrities that have a positive message to offer.”

M.A. Cassata is currently working on a new book of pop music trivia.  She is represented by the Carol Mann Agency, based in New York City.

For more information contact: dis COMPANY/David Salidor-p-212.245.5909 – email-

"I try to focus on celebrities that have a positive message to offer."

My Favorite Writer's Quotes:


"If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that." —Stephen King


"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect."—Anals Nin


"There is no friend as loyal as a book.: —Ernest Hemingway


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Lil' Bow Wow Scrapbook by Mary Anne Cassata
Ballantine Books, 2001

The name came from one of his musical mentors: Snoop Dogg. And ever since he was a pup, Shad Moss (a.k.a. Lil' Bow Wow) has loved to rap. Now with the release of his double-platinum debut album Beware the Dog, Lil' Bow Wow has secured his place as one of the hottest young artists on the music scene.


The Lil' Bow Wow Scrapbook by Mary Anne Cassata  is the only place you can get the real skinny on hip-hop's hottest new heartthrob. It's loaded with great, full-color, never-before-seen photos and fun facts about the young rapper. Find out about his musical influences, his passion for basketball, his favorite things, how he feels about his fans, and all that he's got planned for the future. He may be the youngest dog in the pound, but Lil' Bow Wow is making a lot of noise!

Hey, Hey We're The Monkees by Mary Anne Cassata
Signet/New American Library, 1987

This softcover book is filled with photographs of Michael J. Fox. It contains stories of his life up until its publishing date of 1986. Great Michael J. Fox collectible book for loyal fan.