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Selected Works

A Tribute to The Golden Girls: From Sharing Cheesecake to Relaxing on the Lanai

Can't get enough of The Golden Girls? It's been 38 years since the show first aired and became an instant cult classic. Viewers quickly became enamored with the extraordinary cast of female characters.

A Tribute to The Golden Girls: From Sharing Cheesecake to Relaxing on the Lanai is everything you need to know about Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche and Rose through trivia questions, fun facts, memorable quotes and a must-have list of collectibles for the most loyal of viewers.


The Golden Girls still remains fresh today with generations of new viewers. It is considered one of the most treasured sitcom TV shows of our time.

On sale, everywhere books are sold.

Doctor Who Trivia Quiz and Random Facts: 2005–2017

How Much Do You Know About the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, His Companions and Their Adventures?


Test Your Knowledge!


Fascinating Facts You May Not Know!


Which Doctor ate fish fingers and custard?


What were the final words the Tenth Doctor said before his regeneration?


How many years did the Doctor vow to guard Missy in The Vault?


If you love the Doctor Who that featured these three Doctors, this book is for you! There are 300 questions and answers, plus many random fun facts from 2005-2017. Many of these facts may even fascinate you.


Amaze your friends and family with all things related to the Doctor Who series with the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors, his companions and their adventures. While some of these questions may be easy, many are sure to challenge even the most diehard of Whovians!

Timeless TV Trivia Quiz and Random Facts: '60s to '80

Think you know all the TV shows, the characters and actors— popular scenes and episodes and other TV-related trivia?

Do you know what is Radar O' Reilly's real first name or the Top Five longest-running TV shows of all time?

How about the Top 10 TV shows from 1965 or the name of the disembodied hand that delighted viewers on The Addams Family?

Take a sentimental journey through these three decades of television with and see how much you know. Test your knowledge and find out!


There's over 200 questions and answers, plus many random timeless TV show facts that may even fascinate you.

Pop ’n’ Rock ’60s to ’80s Trivia Quiz & Random Facts

Think you know all about the artists and their songs— the hits and misses and other music-related trivia?


In 1967, what promotional film of the Beatles was aired on The Ed Sullivan Show?


What is the name of the female singer-songwriter that performed on the first-ever episode of Saturday Night Live in 1975?


Which punk rock band included such iconic talents as Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious as members?


Take a musical journey through three decades of music with Pop 'n' Rock Trivia Quiz and Random Facts: 60s to 80s and see how much you really know.


There's over 200 questions and answers, plus many random music facts that may even fascinate you. Test your knowledge and find out!

Starman: A Tribute to Bowie

Since David Bowie's passing in 2016, there have been numerous tributes in the form of books, radio, TV and performances. He has created musical works since the mid-1960s and written some of classic rock's most memorable hits. He was a trendsetter, a rule breaker, and a true artist. David Bowie will always remain a great influence to many artists of all ages and his works will be forever timeless.

The purpose of this book is that it is as informative as it is entertaining. What follows is a collection of random facts and trivia, the artist in his own words, celebrity tributes, fan-favorite picks and more, which will give you a unique insight into one of the most revered and influential artists of all time.

The Elton John Scrapbook: Revised and Updated Edition

The energy, the melody, and the poetry of Elton John and Bernie Taupin—a songwriting team equal to John Lennon and Paul McCartney—demanded my attention from the moment, in 1971, that I first heard “Your Song” pouring from my stereo speakers. I’ve been paying attention ever since, and that’s why I find M.A. Cassata’s Elton John Scrapbook a delight. This revised and updated tribute—long awaited by many—contains a wealth of information and rarely seen photos that paint an intimate and unforgettable portrait of one of our most compelling performers. Cassata, a veteran rock journalist who has interviewed such icons as Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, McCartney, and Elton himself, has put together a book that his fans will treasure. —Robert Rosen, author of Nowhere Man: The Final Days of John Lennon.

The Superheroes Movies Trivia Quiz Book: Unofficial and Unauthorized

Are you the ultimate superhero movie fan? If so, you will enjoy this entertaining and equally as challenging 160 question quiz pop culture book. Test your knowledge on Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and many more big screen superheroes.

The Superheroes Movies Trivia Quiz Book: Unofficial and Unauthorized

Essential Cher

From the author of The Cher Scrapbook, this guide is intended to be a quick and fun read for Cher fans.  There's tons of quickie facts,  top 40 song lists and outrageous quotes and tweets.  Plus a cool quiz, complete track listings from 1965 to present and even a list of Sonny Bono penned songs recorded by Cher, a discography, filmography and how to navigate the various and best internet sites on Cher and more! A true delight. 

The Essential Jim Carrey

 The main purpose of M.A. Cassata's The Essential Jim Carrey is to celebrate the life and career of this man - an enormous talent, who has inspired people through laughter and instilled a sense of hope with his acting craft. Whether you are a new fan, or an old one, these pages will connect you with one of the most beloved actors of our generation and give you a greater appreciation of his true genius. It is my fondest wish that fans of Jim Carrey will read this book and be as inspired by him as I have been over the years.

The Elton John Scrapbook

The long awaited Elton John Scrapbook by Mary Anne Cassata is well worth the wait. Unlike many of the books about Elton John this, as the name implies is in the format of a scrapbook, in other words a montage of Elton John's life and career.

The Cher Scrapbook

Celebrating the life and achievements of the legendary superstar, a fascinating glimpse into the world of Cher, filled with stunning photos and interesting sidebars, covers every aspect of this amazing woman, including her music, movies, live performances, boyfriends, fashion, and awards. Mary Anne Cassata has delivered a fabulous book on Cher. A must-have for every serious fan.

Hey, Hey We're The Monkees

The Monkees resurgence began in 1985 when their innovative TV series once again became the rage, thanks to MTV. Author, Mary Anne Cassata was working for Tiger Beat magazine at the time and edited the "revised" issues of the original famed Monkees Spectaculars, which lead to penning Hey, Hey, We're The Monkees. This book is packed with tons of photos, many rare and never seen-before and though there are a couple mislabeled photos and factual errors, it is still a great read and very much a must-have for any serious Monkees fan.