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The Elton John Scrapbook

For more than 40 years, Elton John has endeared himself to millions of fans worldwide by recording, charting, touring,and above all entertaining with unparalleled enthusiasm. The England born star has confounded the oddsmakers with staying power. While many of his peers from the time of his 1970 U.S. debut have since disappeared from the public eye, Elton has remained vital, vibrant and highly visible. Along the way, he has created a virtual soundtrack to life for generations of music lovers.





"The Elton John Scrapbook offers a rollicking journey through the decades of memories— a celebration of the life and career of one man. Whether you are a new fan or an old one, these pages will connect you with one of the premier entertainers and give you a greater appreciation for his genius." —Tom Stanton, NYT bestselling author and founder of the Elton Expo and East End Lights, the Elton John magazine

"This is the book Elton's fiercely loyal followers have been craving--a guide that explores every nook and cranny of the legendary rock musician's extraordinary career. Included are biographical background, anecdotes, critical commentary, lists, quizzes, trivia, quotes, and more. Mary Anne Cassata has done an amazing job! Elton fans will not be disappointed!"

On his fashion sense, Elton once said: "Between 1970 and 1975, my costumes were really out there. I love glamorous things, but I was never really involved with fashion.  In those days I didn't know what was what."

Chapter Five:
Elton's Love Affair With Fashion

He's a guy with fashion savvy; no one has ever questioned that for a minute.  Elton John wears whatever he likes and the world can either laugh at him or love him (or both!).
Elton unique fashion sense has made headlines around the world for more than forty years now. Fans who discovered Elton in his Bluesology days encountered a black frame bespectacled young boy who resembled a chunky, shorter Buddy Holly. Fans who discovered him in 1970 during his "Friends" and "Your Song" era encountered a mild-mannered Englishman in wire frames, jeans, turtlenecks and plain blue button down shirts… but that was soon to change once the glitter scene started to happen a couple of years later.
Some actually say that Elton started the glitter scene, but rock critics and fans alike have argued that one for years. Some American rock fans say that the New York Dolls started the flashiest music scene of all time, while most of the Brits say it was Marc Bolan and T. Rex. Little Richard back in the '50s and then folks arguably planted the seeds of glitter rock and flashy fashion like Elton took it to new heights in the '70s— and those heights were  soaring.
"Between 1970 and 1975, my costumes were really out there," Elton has said. "I love glamorous things, but I was never really involved with fashion.  In those days I didn't know what was what." Then, Elton favored satin Saint Laurent double-breasted suits. So, the more vibrant the purple and pinks, the better.

Elton's eyewear, shoes and clothes were reported on nearly every day in the first few years of his career. Rumors ran rampant about Elton walking about with a built-in aquarium in his platform shoes. If it were true, those poor goldfish must have thought it was high tide when he jumped around the stage!

The jumpsuits of Elton's first heyday were legendary, especially the ones that lit up thanks to talents of famous London designer Diana Dew. (She had originally designed light-up jumpsuits for psychedelic rock groups in the late '60s). You can say Elton gave Liberace a run for his money in plunging rhinestone jumpsuits which came in a variety of designers, including Carlos Falchi, who already had a successful handbag designing business. (Falchi also did jumpsuits for Mick Jagger and Elvis and some of Tina Turner's 1970s flashier outfits which were considered the first-ever "carwash" dresses). In addition, he was smart enough to know he had to find another business once jumpsuits were on the decline.

It was actually refreshing to see a slightly pudgy guy wearing clingy stage clothes instead of loose, sloppy trousers. Elton has always joked about his weight, but has never let it get in the way of wearing just what he wanted to wear. "People knock me for wearing pink lame suits that glitter," he said in the early Seventies, "and those insane platform shoes, and the whole electric Liberace bit. People are really going to groan when they see the new glasses I just bought that cost $5,000 each and yes they light up! I can't believe people take it so seriously."