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The Essential Cher

In November 2002, Citadel Press published The Cher Scrapbook. I was elated to say the least!  It was my second book on Cher. My first one was a quickie biography trade book released briefly in 1988 that saw limited distribution (much to my dismay), though it was with a major publishing house. Though it’s been more than a decade (boy, did that go fast!) since the release of The Cher Scrapbook, I thought it was time to do something a little different—an ebook that’s an informative and easy read. I love the portability of ebooks, too.  

For years many die-hard Cher fans asked me for some kind of follow up edition and more recently my Cher friends on Facebook  and Twitter weighed in with their suggestions, too. So, for now, I incorporated all your great ideas and added a few new ones.  For those fans who like to take Cher everywhere they go, The Essential Cher  will be right at your fingertips on any of your mobile devices.

Some of these sections may look familiar, but you’ll see I added a lot of new material including revised Top 10 lists, newer facts and stats as well as a new quiz, the tour set lists and where to find the best Cher sites on the internet. I kept some of the original side bars and photos that are still relevant today. Most were the original chapter opening photo spreads.

As I was compiling all  this new information, I realized I had more than enough to make an additional book. Again, reader suggestions came back to include the Sonny & Cher years.  In any case I hope you like The Essential Cher and understand that it was intended to be a quick and easy read ebook, and not an extension of The Cher Scrapbook. Let me know what you think.

Essential Cher Press Release:


From the author of The Cher Scrapbook comes Essential Cher.. This ebook guide is intended to be a quick and fun read for those loyal fans that like to take Cher everywhere they go. It's everything Cher from quickie facts and stats to Top 40 song lists and outrageous quotes and tweets.  Plus there's a cool quiz, complete track listings to all Cher's solo recordings from 1965's All I Really Want To Do to 2013's Closer To The Truth together with a list of Sonny Bono penned songs recorded by Cher.  Want to know all the Phil Spector songs Cher once sang back up on in the early 60s? It's in The Essential Cher, as well as a detailed discography, filmography and how to navigate the best Internet sites on Cher and much more!

Selected Songs Written by Sonny Bono and Recorded by Sonny & Cher and as Cher

  From the early sixties to the mid-seventies, Sonny Bono wrote a good portion of the Sonny & Cher and Cher solo songs. This is an abbreviated list of the more popular ones.
Sonny & Cher
"Baby Don't Go" (1965)
"I Got You Babe"  (1965)
"Sing C'est Vie" (1965)
"It's Gonna Rain" (1965)
"Just You" (1965)
"But You're Mine"  (1966)
"I  Look For You" (1966)
"The Revolution Kind" (1967)
"The Beat Goes On" (1967)
"Have I Stayed Too Long" (1967)
"Monday" (1967)
"Love Don't Come" (1967)
"Podunk"  (1967)
"Little Man" (1967)
"Living for You" (1967)
"It's the Little Things" (1967)
"Good Times" (1967)
"Trust Me" (1967)
"Don't Talk to Strangers" (1967)
"Just a Name" (1967)
A Beautiful Story (1967)
"Hello" (1967)
"You're a Friend of Mine" (1969)
"I Would Marry You Today" (1969)
"A Cowboy's Work is Never Done" (1972)
"Somebody" (1972)
"Mama Was A Rock and Roll Singer, and Papa Used to Write All Her Songs (Part 1&2)" (1973)
Cher (solo)
"Needles and Pins" (with Jack Nitzche) (1965)
"See See Rider" (with Green/Stone) (1965)
"Dream Baby" (1965)
"Bang  Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" (1965)
"Where Do You Go" (1965)
"Magic in the Air (I Feel Something)"  (1966)
"You Better Sit Down Kids" (1968)
"But I Can't Love You More" (1968)
"Mama (When My Dollies have Babies)" (1968)
"She's No Better Than Me" (19xx)
"Don't Put it on Me" (1971)
"Classified 1A" (1971)
"The First Time" (1972)