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Pop ’n’ Rock ’60s to '80s Trivia Quiz & Random Facts

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Think you know all about the artists and their songs— the hits and misses and other music-related trivia?


In 1967, what promotional film of the Beatles was aired on The Ed Sullivan Show?


What is the name of the female singer-songwriter that performed on the first-ever episode of Saturday Night Live in 1975?


Which punk rock band included such iconic talents as Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious as members?


Take a musical journey through three decades of music with Pop 'n' Rock Trivia Quiz and Random Facts: 60s to 80s and see how much you really know.


There's over 200 questions and answers, plus many random music facts that may even fascinate you. Test your knowledge and find out!

Who wrote Cyndi Lauper's '80s hit song, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"?

Are You a Pop 'n' Rock Music Trivia Lover?


If you love the music of the 60s to 80s, then this book is for you.


I wrote this book to bring enjoyment to people who love music trivia. Here are more than 200 questions about the '60s to '80s pop and rock music genres.Wow your family and  friends with your vast knowledge of these three unforgettable decades of music.

Plus you'll learn a few random music facts I hope you will find interesting.  
Did you know that in their 10-year career, the Beatles became the best-selling band of all time, with more than 600 million records sold worldwide? Or who are the top pop stars of the '60s and the Top 10 British Invasion acts of 1964?  
I hope you have as much fun testing your trivia knowledge as I did writing, researching and compiling these questions/answers and random facts.

Quiz Questions:
1. This band frontman got the boot from Van Halen in 1985.
2. She sang the theme to the Saturday morning show
     Pee-wee's Playhouse.
3. What year did the Beatles break up?
     a. 1970
     b. 1969
     c. 1971
     d. 1972
4. What was the title of the Alice Cooper band's 1969
     debut album?
5. What was the original name of the '70s band Supertramp?
6. What was Little Richard's name at birth?
7. Who was the lead vocalist of the Runaways?
8. What popular sibling music duo broke up while on tour with
    Simon and Garfunkel?
9.  Superstar Cher had a disability in her youth. What was it?
10. What town in Upstate New York did Woodstock take place?
       a. Catskills
       b. Bethel
       c. Rhinebeck
       d. Woodstock


Quiz Answers:


1. David Lee Roth
2. Cyndi Lauper, under the stage name Ellen Shaw
3. (a) 1970
4. Pretties For You
5. Before renaming themselves Supertramp in the early '70s, they   
    were called Daddy.
6. Richard Wayne Penniman
7. Cherie Currie
8. The Everly Brothers
9. Dyslexia
10. (b) Bethel

Random Fact:
The Beatles Are Still the Best-Selling Band of All Time

Over their 10-year career, the Beatles became the top-selling band of all time, with more than 600 million records sold worldwide. They also hold the record for the most #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 all-time chart, including "Love Me Do," and "I Want to Hold Your Hand." John, Paul, George

and Ringo were the first to lead the British Invasion where Beatlemania was born. Following the 1970 breakup of the band, the guys went on to notable solo careers. Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr continue to record and perform today.




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